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Linn Walters

In today's times, the education of children is harder than ever. Not because many things have changed but because of access to information. The internet of things brings an abundance of information and options. Usually educational consulting is targeted to families focused on secondary education but I am passionate about working with families earlier in the pipeline. We offer a variety of services for families. Providing bespoke service with options for developmental testing, support with school placement, and long-term educational planning.

If you are a for-profit or nonprofit organization, a school, or a startup looking to engage in the education space, we would love to be a part of your team. Home 2 School not only help with strategy but will provide an educator’s perspective. We provide the perspective of tenured teacher and educational leader and have experience supporting a plethora of organizations reach long term success.

If you dream of becoming a teacher, or you are a teacher looking for advice; we would love to help. Mentorship is essential. If you are in need of support navigating your career or need support in your craft, we are here to support.

Family Consultations

We believe that an antibias, non-judgmental collaboration between teachers and parents can help change the landscape of education long term. With the need for family autonomy and choice comes the unprecedented difficulties of navigating international education systems. Home 2 School has cultivated a formula that puts the mission and vision of the family first. We provide the perspective of master teachers to help support your approach to your child’s educational journey. We believe education is life so look at us assisting life partners. Our goal is to do what is best for your child.

We specialize in early childhood and work with families with school ready children 2-7 years old. Home 2 School provides the following support.

  • Family Consultation Free

  • Supplemental Learning Support- 300

  • Developmental Observations Prices Vary

  • School Placement Services- 300-1000

  • Home Learning Support- 100-1000

  • Long Term Educational Planning 2000-5000



Prices Vary




Due to COVID-19, Currently all the available services are free of charges. Please contact us in case of further inquiries. Thanks

Organizational Consultations

Home 2 School provides organizations with a bespoke service to optimize their products and services.

Teaching Training

Who is a Master Teacher?


  • An educator who has spent 20 years or more in the field.

  • The Master Teacher is dedicated to implementing best practices for young children.

  • Recognized in a region or larger for advocating for children and families.

  • Credentials include degrees in Early Childhood or a related field. 

  • Has focused on children of a certain age for many years to observe and note how changes in society have impacted children and families. 

  • Knows and truly understands child development theories.

  • Recognizes and embraces diversity in children and families. 

  • Uses strategies to support children.  Shares these strategies with other professionals and families.

  • Stays current on educational trends and issues.

  • Looks to other educators to collaborate ideas to provide the best possible care, education and services for children, families and schools. 

  • Supports children in need. 

  • Serves as a leader in schools and other institutions.

Home 2 School has a commitment to the craft of teaching and the people who have collaborated on what we like to call the Bridge of Humanity. This concept is all about increasing the value of teachers and supporting each other to continue to serve as our world changes.


We will connect young teachers to masters of the craft to cultivate relationships that will positively impact children worldwide.