Fly in the forest.


Your child is a plane. Your job as a parent is to support them as they reach their potential or fly as high and as far as they can. In these days and times parents have an overabundance of information to sort through. Now imagine that plane in a forest. The forest is the unlimited amount of information, programs, and perspectives. With the daunting task at hand the question is; how will your child fly in the forest?

For you as a parent there a lot of support systems that are at your disposal. Here are a few things you can do to get the information needed to set your child up for success long term.

Tap into your network

Your friends and family have a wealth of knowledge to share. There is nothing better than getting advice from someone who will tell you the truth. These individuals also have an understanding of your family’s culture which will impact how you raise your child.

Many times, your best network is inside your school. The parents of your child’s classmates are going through the same things you are and can help share opportunities. They are researching the best camps, programs, and opportunities outside of school and would love to share.

Find a trusted teacher

Teachers in any school K-12 are usually an amazing resource for parents. Teachers have a constructive views of schools and the overall state of educational the system. Teachers are also used to working with parents and advocating for the betterment of their students and can give you an unbiased view on what is considered best practice. Lastly receiving advice from teachers means you are engaging with someone who has hands on experience engaging with children in the here and now.

Hire an independent educational consultant

Independent Educational Consultants can provide a student and family with individual attention, firsthand knowledge of hundreds of educational opportunities, and the time to explore all of the options. Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA)

This type or service is usually exclusively provided for well to do families with extra income. They understand the return on investment. Having the one on one guide willing to research and sift through information and provide you with expert advice is extremely valuable. Receiving this kind service also requires a certain level of trust. Trust that the consultant understands the demands of different demographics and cultures.

At Home 2 School we believe and want more people have this educational service opportunity. I want to make the service available to any family no matter the culture or social economic status. Let us help your child fly in the forest.

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